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"Jazz Revisited has reached millions, giving Hazen a good claim to be America’s premier jazz educator." (Art Hilgart - IAJRC Journal). Bix Eiben Hamburg presents 24 different shows at regular intervals for free listening. Dive into the wonderful world of classic Jazz. Become part of the great Jazz fan community that already regularly uses our service free of charge.


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    Radio KUNI (1975)

    "Hazen Schumacher aims at communicating his immense jazz knowledge to the non-expert who may be listening."

  • 2

    National Public Radio (1971)

    "An intelligent but not too dry look at jazz of the period … the host does a fine job of hitting each example in its proper perspective."

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    The Ann Arbor News (1988)

    "Jazz Revisited is listed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting among the nation’s 10 most popular public radio programs, heard on more than 100 stations (at its peak by 220) from Sitka, Alaska, to Miami, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C."

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    IAJRC Journal (1992)

    "Over the years and across the country Jazz Revisited has reached millions, giving Hazen a good claim to be America’s premier jazz educator."

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    Alumni (1972)

    "He has Jazz."

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